10 Small Bathroom Tips

Avatarby SilQ Interiors 28 May 2018

Tips on how to make even the smallest bathroom look like the grandest!

Whilst it is ideal to have a larger bathroom, it isn’t always the case and we have to make the most with what we have to transform our small bathrooms into spaces that feel spacious. Here are some hot tips from our team here at SilQ Interiors.

1. Before you start, think about how the space is used, does it need a lot of storage, is a bath used regularly? These are important factors to consider as quite often we can get stuck into thinking that a bathroom has to be a particular way. Think about how it is used and what you need before you start planning your bathroom renovation.

2. Wall hung vanity – these are great for creating the illusion of space as your eyes will visually see more floor space therefore creating more space – magic!

3. Wall hung toilet – What is that you ask? This is one of our favourites. When possible a wall hung toilet can not only give the illusion of more space, but it actually takes up less space too, hiding all of the piping within the wall.

4. Expand the mirror – Adding a larger mirror reflects light making your bathroom feel more airy and spacious. Storage mirrors are great if needing more storage space.

5. Hook don’t rail – robe hooks can be just as practical as towel rails but can fit in smaller spaces such as behind doors and used for bath towels, hand towels and robes without encroaching on much needed space.

6. Shower niches – a shower niche is a fantastic way to add storage to a small bathroom without intruding and gives you the space to store your shampoos at the perfect reach.

7. Go bold on textures, not colours – it can be both exciting and overwhelming when looking at tiles because there are just so many to choose from! Keep in mind that in a small space contrasting colours can actually make your small bathroom look smaller. Visually, the eye will see the different colours and close the space in. Keeping similar tones in your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring either, bringing in textured tiles can create interest and a soothing, relaxing space. Limit to choosing two main colours to keep the bathroom classic and fresh for years to come.

Image of a bathroom renovation by SilQ Interiors

8. Go wide and go high – large format tiles mean lesser grout lines and lesser grout lines = a more visually streamlined space.

Photo of Bathroom Renovation by SilQ Interiors

9. Open your shower – getting rid of shower curtains and doors rids your small bathroom of unnecessary clutter. Adding a frameless glass screen allows you to open up your space and keep most of that water out.

10. Invest in your space – Often in small bathrooms there are endless ways to maximise the space. SilQ Interiors have been designing beautiful functional bathrooms for years, small bathroom renovations are no exception!! We care about your space and work with you to design and create your perfect bathroom, regardless of the size!

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