Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Avatarby SilQ Interiors 11 June 2018

With Winter fast approaching we want to do everything we can to keep warm in our bathrooms without burning out our electricity bills. Think warm fuzzy robes, rainfall showers and heated floors… Wait, heated floors did you say?

Heated floors are an excellent addition to any bathroom renovation, and here’s just some of the reasons why.

It’s friendly for allergy sufferers

Allergy and hay fever sufferers can feel safe at home with bathroom underfloor heating as it doesn’t physically move any air around, keeping that dust and other allergens at bay and keeping you and your feet toasty warm.

You can’t see it

Apart from keeping your feet warm, you won’t even notice that it’s there. Our systems are completely hidden beneath the floor and run so quietly you won’t even know it’s on. We at SilQ Interiors ensure the thermostat timer is hidden in an easily accessible place without detrimental effect to the design of your bathroom.

It keeps you warm when you need it to

Our floor heating warms up for you before you wake up and turns off when heated with the easy to use in-built timer. Our clients have said “I love it, when I wake up in the morning to get ready for work my bathroom is so lovely and warm and turns itself off when I go to work”

No Maintenance

There are no moving parts within in the system for it to break down and no ducting or grills that require cleaning. You can have a warm bathroom for years to come without the worry or hassle of having to maintain it.

20 years Manufacturing Warranty

This is not a system that will last you just one winter, you will have lovely warm feet for many many years to come.

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