Lend Me Finance

At SilQ Interiors, we want to help ensure your bathroom renovation project is as easy and hassle-free as possible, and are pleased to offer you more ways to afford your dream bathroom.

We’ve partnered with Lend Me, a fully mobile Perth-based complete finance broker with the motto “Anywhere. Anytime”. Lend Me promote a fresh and vibrant approach to everyday lending, providing an extra level of customer service which allows them to go above and beyond a customer’s expectations. They understand and appreciate the uniqueness behind each individual client, and are committed to providing a tailored solution for each and every client.

For more information, please talk to a designer at one of our showrooms, or contact Lend Me directly via email baldridge@lendme.com.au or by calling 08 6234 6400.

The legal bits…

Lend Me Australian Credit License Number: 454 556 | ACN: 166 203 872 | ABN: 46 166 203 872

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