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Avatarby SilQ Interiors 12 July 2016
SilQ Interiors - Interior Design Perth - The Henley, Golden Bay

This month we chat to Belinda Kailis, our Interior Creative Consultant about her latest project, The Henley, a display home from Perceptions Homes, located in the prestigious Golden Bay Estate less than an hour from Perth.

We spoke to Belinda about the challenges of creating an interior design that would appeal to a specific demographic.

SI: How did the project with Perception Homes come about?

BK: Perception Homes and I have a history of working together, so I was delighted when they trusted me to design and style the interior for The Henley, their latest display home.

SI: Can you explain your role as an Interior Designer? To many people the thought would be daunting.

BK: It always starts with the brief… on this occasion my target audience is younger retired people, looking for luxurious seaside living at an affordable price.

SilQ Interiors - Interior Design Perth - The Henley, Golden Bay

SI: So, where do you start?

BK: As a designer I try to bring a strong design component to interior decorating. I start by analysing the exterior first. This home has a lot of natural stone and wood, perfect for the location. I selected a feature tile that I could bring inside and incorporate into the fireplace.

Picking up the soft greys and beige tones, allowed me to work with a tonal palette throughout the home rather than focusing on one element.

SI: Talk us through how you implement your design…

BK: I like to start by gathering samples and selecting a few decorator items to compliment my design and build from there. This helps to create the ambiance of coastal style living as soon as you walk through the door. This home provided a great blank canvas for me to create a comfortable, relaxing, homely feel, with a touch of luxury.

SilQ Interiors - Interior Design Perth - The Henley, Golden Bay

SI: What are your favourite things in The Henley?

BK: In terms of the home design, I love The Henley’s generous open living spaces. My favourite feature is the fire place, because it invites you to settle in and relax and provides a cosy focal point to the room.

In terms of interior décor, I’m delighted with the 2 pieces of artwork in the entry. I purchased them from Vast Interiors. They’re the first thing you see when you walk through the front door and really pick up on the coastal colours and theme.

SilQ Interiors - Interior Design Perth - The Henley, Golden Bay

SI: Describe your biggest challenge…

BK: I’m not sure if it was a challenge or frustration… the wallpaper I’d purchased for the lounge area didn’t arrive in Perth in time. It was a major element of my design, so naturally I was disappointed. My challenge was to modify the styling to retain the integrity of my design. I’m happy with the outcome and anyone viewing the home would never know.

SI: This home has a real cohesion and natural flow throughout. How did you achieve this?

BK: The secret is to start with the exterior. I like to create harmony and flow by choosing features that complement each other because it draws the eyes onwards.

SilQ Interiors - Interior Design Perth - The Henley, Golden Bay

SI: Where can people view the project?

BK: The Henley is on display at 128 Thundelarra Grove, Golden Bay. It’s open on Monday and Wednesdays from 2-5pm. Saturdays 1-5pm and Sundays 12 – 5pm.

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