Keeping Renovation Costs Down

Avatarby SilQ Interiors 10 October 2018


We all know that bathrooms and kitchens can require a bit of capital to be refreshed and renovated. Here at SilQ Interiors, we’ve compiled the best tips for you to keep those costs down so you have some extra dollars up your sleeve for a Christmas present for that distant relative you don’t see anymore (or a treat for yourself!)

Research, research, research

Researching exactly how you want your bathroom to look and feel is so important.

There are so many amazing possibilities for just one bathroom, and with access to sites like Pinterest and Houzz the world really does become your oyster. They give you the freedom to pick and choose to create a bathroom style that is completely unique to you. Remember to create notes on the features of each space of what you do and don’t like including tiles, vanities, fitting, toilets, colour schemes, showers screens etc.

This way if you are sharing the board with a designer they understand exactly what you are after. There is a huge amount of choice available for tiles and fittings and you can get inundated with options so having a good idea with what you are wanting keeps you on track for the selection process.


After you’ve selected what look and feel you would like, the planning stage is the most important aspect of the renovation process for the success of your bathroom.

Although changing the layout of your bathroom can sometimes be necessary, it will also contribute to a high percentage of the overall budget. Moving plumbing can be especially costly. Often you can maintain the existing layout and achieve a more open feeling bathroom and added storage.

A well drafted set of plans with set dimensions is crucial to any renovation for complete clarity for all trades involved. Plans and elevations act as instructions and ensures that everyone is on the same page during the renovation process and you won’t be stung with substantial fees for variations.

Sourcing and selection

As mentioned, you can be inundated with options when you go out to select tiles and fittings. Tiling in particular, can become pricey depending on the style and brand you choose. In order to achieve a luxurious look in the bathroom and to avoid increased costs, restricting the wall tiles to only half the wall length is suggested.

Do you find it hard to visualise how a space is going to look with your selections? No need to stress, we have a 3D modelling program that allows you to get a sneak peak of how your space will look!


Keep it simple

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean trading off the aesthetics of your bathroom, but do think about which accessories are absolutely necessary that work with your theme. Less is more when it comes to your budget and bathroom transformation. Consider what you want to feature in your bathroom and focus on making that the piece that stands out. Remember that mirrors can now be created to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional creating additional storage in your space.

Curious about how much it costs to transform your bathroom?

We at SilQ Interiors care about your investment to make your bathroom unique to you without needing to forfeit that present money for that distant relative. Call Belinda on 0421 475 220 for a complimentary measure and quote.

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