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Avatarby SilQ Interiors 27 September 2016
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Decorative and patterned tiles are enjoying a renaissance and despite everything you may have been told, they’re a great option for small bathrooms. Your bathroom renovation delivers the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style. Allow your creativity to shine, be adventurous with your tile selection and transform an ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary.

We choose tiles for a reason

There are so many good reasons to choose tiles for your bathroom renovation. They’re durable, easy to clean and maintain and will serve you well for years to come. Bathroom tiles now come in all shapes and sizes colours and textures. Be inventive, install the same tiles in different patterns to gives a point of interest.

The technicalities of tiles

As bathroom remodeling specialists, we’re often asked which bathroom tile works best when renovating or restyling a small bathroom. If only there was a simple answer! Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and people have their own preferences. With so many influencing factors to consider, there simply is no right or wrong answer.

The type of bathroom tile you choose will also have a huge impact on the final look of the room. From a design perspective the bathroom should reflect the style of the home and meet the needs of the people that live in it.

Choose your style and then your tile

Photo of bathroom tiles by SilQ InteriorsIf you love the casual, eclectic boho look, consider choosing irregular artisan clay tiles to create a real statement with colour and texture. Team with natural materials, plants and some favoured treasures and you’ll have a room that indulges your passion for vintage with a modern twist.

If modern and minimal is you, consider high gloss tiles. They deliver a beautiful subtle sheen that is understated and stylish. This look needs clean lines and fewer components to work really well. Make a statement by tiling up to the ceiling or using a border to separate or define spaces. Running the floor tiles into the shower and up a wall creates drama especially when combined with a clear glass shower screen which almost disappears making the space look larger.

Be guided by the shape of the room

If your bathroom is a regular shape, has good light and high ceilings, then you have the option of using closely laid large tiles to create a seamless continuation from floor to wall. The great thing about large bathroom tiles is less grout lines, giving the impression of a more expansive space.

If however your bathroom project is a room with curves or sharp angles, then consider smaller tiles or mosaics. They’re easier to install and much more forgiving because there are fewer cuts. Team this type of tile with a floating vanity and suspended toilet for a clean, spacious, seamless look in even the smallest room.

Less can be more

Photo of bathroom tiles by SilQ InteriorsTiles are a cost effective solution for bathrooms as they make the space look polished and well finished. Talk to a bathroom renovation specialist about design options that incorporate your favourite renovation ideas and reflect your personal style. Because the chances are if you love the bathroom design now, you will still love it in years to come.

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