How to pick the right colour scheme for your bathroom

Avatarby SilQ Interiors 20 December 2016
Photo of Bathroom Renovation by SilQ Interiors

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bathroom must be the soul.  A beautiful bathroom should be a haven – and if you have kids or teenagers living at home, you’ll understand, it’s probably the only place where you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Strong design is something that can enhance every bathroom renovation especially when you consider how the space defines how you and your family interact. A modern bathroom adds value to any home, and in Perth’s real estate buyer’s market, it can make the difference between maximising the sale price or rental value of the property.

Choosing the right colour scheme

Neutral colours, organic materials and lots of natural light are right on trend for 2017.  When we were asked to undertake a bathroom makeover at Waterside Drive Mandurah, we were asked to create bathrooms with a contemporary style, neutral colours with earthy tones.  This palette worked perfectly with property, and because it’s timeless, it won’t outdate.

Photo of Bathroom Renovation by SilQ Interiors

The design elements

Strong bathroom design ideas are based on attention to detail.  We carefully assessed our client’s lifestyle, the number of people who would be using the bathroom and ensuite, and of course how we could repurpose the space to create a practical, functional floor plan, and bathrooms which would blend with the rest of the home and enhance the property.

Photo of Bathroom Renovation by SilQ Interiors

The features

  • This property benefits from a lot of natural light, we maximised this by using frosted glass to preserve privacy and light.
  • Maximising the natural light is the first step, the second is to use strategically placed mirrors to reflect the light and add a sparkle to the room.
  • We opened up the relatively small floor plan in the ensuite and created an illusion of space with a frameless shower screen and glass shelving.
  • To ensure there was nothing to draw the eye, we used neutral bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling. This is a beautiful and practical solution with less ongoing maintenance than wallpaper or woodwork.
  • A walk in shower, double vanity with twin sinks and central power points in the ensuite relieves the pressure when two people have to get ready at the same time.
  • The brief said “clean lines and no clutter” so we incorporated plenty of concealed storage in the family bathroom, installed a rimless toilet and fitted wall mounted taps over trough style sink.
  • Stone countertops are as practical as they are beautiful. They add that organic touch and will last a life time.

Photo of Bathroom Renovation by SilQ Interiors

The project turned out to be a great combination of functionality and design.  The neutral colour palette is a great foundation for any bathroom, because it provides the owners with the opportunity to add a splash of colour with towels, plants or bathroom accessories which can be changed with the seasons to create a stylish uncluttered space.  Click here to see the stunning results of the Mandurah bathroom and ensuite renovation.

Photo of Bathroom Renovation by SilQ Interiors

Introducing our Perth Interior Design service

Because design is integral to any bathroom renovation we’ve decided to offer the services of our in-house Interior Design Consultant.  We can provide advice on all aspects of your bathroom renovation from the initial idea through to concept and colour selection. Why not experience a stress free bathroom makeover with the greatest results.

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