Our tips for small bathroom renovations

by Belinda Kailis 24 August 2016

More often than not in cities like Perth, modern homes or heritage conversions have a small footprint and naturally people want to maximise their living space.  Even so just because you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and design.

Here are some of our favourite bathroom design ideas for remodeling a small bathroom that will transform a dingy little bathroom into a stylish and functional space.

Natural light can transform a small bathroom

If you’re renovating a bathroom and there’s a window, maximise it. Open it up with translucent glass and glorious reflections to create a light and well ventilated bathroom.  If your room has no exterior walls then a solar tube could be a great option.  Failing that, with the right know how, modern concealed lighting can turn boring into a beautiful. Team it up with an oversized mirror to create the illusion of space.

Tip: When placing your mirror, make sure if reflects something eye-catching, not the towel rail or toilet.

Ditch the shower curtain

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No matter how cute the print or design is, a shower curtain is claustrophobic in a small space. Incorporating a frameless glass screen into your bathroom design is a great idea.  It will keep most of the water in the shower and provide much needed elbow room. A frameless screen is an elegant solution as it does not create a visual barrier making the room feel more spacious.

Tip: A frameless glass screen allows other bathroom features to shine through, creating interesting focal points.

Free your vanity


Traditional bathroom design anchors the bathroom vanity unit to the floor.  There are two things wrong with this idea. One it takes up a lot of floor area in a small room.  Secondly installing a floating vanity with a narrow trough sink almost instantly opens up the smallest of bathrooms by creating an illusion of space.

Tip: Pair your floating vanity with beautiful tiles and you’re onto a winner.

How to choose the perfect bathroom tile


When you’re renovating a small bathroom your tile choice is fundamental to the success of the project. Smart design ideas include, running tiles from floor to ceiling and avoiding hard lines which distract the eye.  Use tones or shades rather than strong contrasts, and introduce colour and texture with towels and accessories. Remember in a small bathroom you can afford to choose a top quality tile and it won’t break the budget.

Tip: Taking sample tiles into the room where they will be positioned, takes the guess work out of colour selection.

Form follows function


Your small bathroom renovation must conform to building codes but a strong design element can maximise and transform even the smallest room in the house.  Get the floor plan right and you’re on the way to creating a functional and well designed bathroom, no matter how small the room is.

Tip: Creating a small scrapbook of ideas helps to define your style and focus on your must haves.

Good advice is a great investment

The SilQ interior design team have been designing fantastic bathrooms for years. They’ll work with you to maximise even the smallest space.  At SilQ Interiors, we are committed to delivering bathroom renovations with style, elegance and great value.

Check out our online gallery for examples of our work or talk to us on 08 9303 9669 about how we can help you to transform your tiny bathroom into a room that delights you every time you open the door.

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