Stunning Scarborough Bathroom Renovation

Avatarby SilQ Interiors 02 March 2017
Image of a stunning Scarborough renovation by SilQ Interiors

When clients needed help with their outdated bathroom, they spoke to Perth designer Belinda Kailis. While they loved living in the beach side suburb of Scarborough. The downside was the outdated bathroom that was small, cluttered and impractical.

SI: What inspired this bathroom renovation?

BK: My clients really disliked their tired old bathroom. Their brief to me was “modernise it, clean it up and give us a touch of Hamptons.”

SI: Hamptons?

BK: For me, the Hamptons style reflects casual, relaxed beach living. But it’s achieved in a classic and sophisticated way. My clients wanted a design that was bright and breezy and made the most of the natural daylight.

Image of a stunning Scarborough renovation by SilQ Interiors

SI: How do you start planning the design?

BK: The first thing I wanted to do was create space. This meant getting rid of the dated corner spa bath… It wasn’t used very often and overpowered the room.

Taking out the old shower screens, gave me extra width to work with – allowing me to design a modern ensuite with a walk-in shower and inset bath.

SI: Every project has its problems… What was the biggest challenge with this job?

BK: My client really wanted double basins. Unfortunately, the bathroom is upstairs, so the plumbing was set into the concrete slab. We were not able to run additional pipe work as it risked undermining the slab.

Image of a stunning Scarborough renovation by SilQ Interiors

SI: How did you resolve it?

BK            We had a custom built vanity made to fit between the shower and the bath. It was wider and deeper which created an illusion of space and the extra storage improved the functionality.

SI: Can you take us through the process?

BK: Once the design is approved and the client accepts our quote, I organise a selection’s meeting to choose major items such as the bath, tapware and WC. The tiles and laminates are selected on site. I find this works well because the client can see the items in-situ so they have a much better idea about how the finished room will look and can take into consideration the lighting.

The schedule of works is comprehensive and includes:

  • Demolition – out with the old and create a clean space to work in;
  • Plumbing – this is when the pipes are pre-laid;
  • Electrical work includes chasing wires into the wall locating power points etc.;
  • Tiling preparation, walls and floors, building in any flow away drainage;
  • Tiles are laid;
  • Final measurements for shower screen and mirror;
  • Plumbing installation;
  • Shower screen and mirror installation;
  • Towel Rail and accessory installation and
  • Completion clean

SI: That’s a lot of work… what’s a rough budget and timeline for a renovation of this scale?

BK: For an ensuite, separate powder, shower and separate toilet, you’d need to budget around $30k. This job took 2.5 weeks.

Image of a stunning Scarborough renovation by SilQ Interiors

SI: The new shower space is so elegant and open, was it difficult to manage the flow of water into the drain?

BK: One of the tricks of the trade is to remove the shower hob. This opens out the room and creates cleaner lines. Next step – after demolition, we screeded the floors, allowing a step down to the shower. This creates a natural flow into the shower drain and keeps the water from escaping onto the floor. It’s much safer.

Our tilers are experienced professionals. They put a lot of thought into the set outs to make sure it’s spot on.

Check here to see the stunning Scarborough ensuite bathroom makeover.

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