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Planning on living in your house for years to come? Get it right from the beginning with a Perth Interior Designer.

You’re saving photos on Instagram and pinning pictures on Pinterest. You found your home inspiration but have no idea how to make it happen.

Choosing wall colours, cabinetry, floorings and fixtures is overwhelming. And without knowledge of colour matching and local suppliers, it’s near impossible.

SilQ Interiors has over a decade of experience in pre-start consultancy and interior design in Perth. We assist you through selections and help you make decisions in line with your style.

With an eye for detail and a liveable design philosophy, SilQ Interiors will turn your inspiration into real life.




You’re building your new home. It’s now time to decide how you want it to look inside. Feeling overwhelmed? We make it easy. We walk you through every design decision and give you helpful suggestions in line with your budget. We connect you with quality suppliers to make sure your home looks and feels the way you imagined.



Got an idea about how you want your home to look but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Our designs come from a love of people and a genuine desire for you to feel at home in your house. We rethink your space and breath new life into tired rooms with design elements that sing true to you.



Our studio is situated in the heart of West Perth at Maison – A House to Create. Home to boutique businesses, artists and creative minds, it's at Maison where we design beautiful home spaces and collaborate with fellow creatives. Visit our studio, meet our designer and transform your home into a space you’re proud of.


“Where to start - Bel and her team at SilQ are phenomenal. It’s a one stop shop from design to execution, everything was carefully thought out and planned. Bel helped me bring my vision to life and her contractors were fantastic and so thoughtful when around my young children.

I am so happy with the outcome that I have started planning phase 2 of renovations!”


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